500ml Simple Pleasures 3.6%£2.75
500ml Blond Session Ale 3.8%£2.75
500ml Manhattan Project 4%£3
500ml Nene Valley Bitter 4.1%£2.75
500ml Release The Chimps 4.4%£3
500ml Egyptian Cream 4.5%£3
500ml DXB 4.6%N/A
500ml Big Bang Theory 5.3%£3.5
500ml Mid-Week Bender 7.4%£4
330ml Bible Black Porter 6.5%N/A
330ml B. A. Russian Imperial Stout 11.5%£5
330ml Pulping on your Stereo 4.5%£2.75/can £14/6 pack
330ml Big Bang Theory 5.3%£2.75/can £14/6 pack
440ml Heisenberg 4.4%£3.25/can £18.50/6 pack
440ml Egyptian Cream 4.5%£3.5/can £20/6 pack
440ml Hop Stash 5.0%£3.5/can £20/6 pack
5L Mini Cask 
Simple Pleasures 3.6%£21
Blond Session Ale 3.8%£21
Manhattan Project 4.0%£23
Nene Valley Bitter 4.1%£21
I Miss the Congas 4.1%£23
Release The Chimps 4.4%£23
Egyptian Cream 4.5%£23
Hop Stash 5%£26
Big Bang Theory 5.3%£26
Bible Black Porter 6.5%£29
Mid-Week Bender 7.4%N/A
Jug Refills – subject to availability4 pints
Simple Pleasures, Blond Session Ale, Nene Valley Bitter£9
Release The Chimps, Egyptian Cream, DXB, Manhattan Project£11
Big Bang Theory£13