Since October 2015, most of our beers have been produced to be gluten free. That is to say we have them regularly tested by accredited labs and the results show them to have less than 20ppm of gluten. We are very much not “The Gluten Free Brewery”; we make great beers that happen nowadays to be gluten free. We debated as to whether we would make a single GF beer, or aim to make all beers we possibly could as GF. Because it is not a big deal to make beer with low levels of gluten, and because removing the gluten improves storage and clarity whilst taking nothing away from the taste or body of the beer we decided to make the change across the board and exclude as few people as possible from enjoying our products. We produced GF beer for about four months before we told anybody, and then when we did share our secret we made no big fanfares. In the months when we were trialling the process we got no adverse reactions ; nobody noticed a difference and nobody stopped drinking our beers. All we do is brew the beer as we always have done, but at the last stage remove most of the gluten by adding a tiny amount of enzyme – little more than an egg-cup full in five thousand pints. We are convinced that it will soon be the norm for gluten to be removed from beer. This is why we don’t regards it as the key differentiator for NVB’s products. We still want to stand out for the range and quality of what we make here at Oundle Wharf. We are proud of what we do and want to share it with as many people as possible.